About North Shore Private Data Services

The convenience speaks for itself.  No more logging into multiple sites to track down your finances.  No paper to shuffle. No envelopes to open. You can have secure on-line access to your entire financial life, all in one place, specifically designed for you.  Just think of how convenient it would be to have a single set of login credentials to access all your important financial data.  Well, it's here! 

North Shore Private Data Services was founded to simplify financial reporting to a single view.  We provide the services once reserved for only the ultra-wealthy.  This type of "family office" service is now available for individual investors through the power of technology.  North Shore has harnessed multiple, powerful software platforms to link your investment, banking, insurance, credit card, and airline/hotel awards to your own secure financial website.  All in one place, and securely delivered right to your computer.

Please take our "test drive" to learn more about the specific features of the North Shore Wealth Management System.  Just click on Test Drive to begin.